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 Begaa Village is located in the South-East of Morocco in the middle of the desert in the municipality of Taouz province of Errachidia. This is a small Moroccan village Saharan town of approximately 320 people divided in 40 families. Begaa is accessed by a track from Taouz which is 28km from Merzouga. Begaa sits at 817 meters above sea level.

A trip to Begaa Village will add a unique dimension to your holiday by meeting local Berber families, experience day-to-day life in the remote Sahara village from baking bread, working in the fields, children having lessons and at play. Enjoy the hospitality of a nomadic Berber family sharing a traditional meal of tagine or couscous in their humble, but welcoming home.

Begaa Village has a Women’s Cooperative in the village which aims to nurture, develop and create an income and produce products that can be sold to sustain the Cooperative and generate income for themselves and their families it does this by using a participatory approach to empower, support and increase the women and young girls skills through learning embroidery, sewing, arts and crafts, literacy skills, educational programs and mentoring, ensuring skills are passed from generation and not lost and increase options for the girls as they grow and diversify the community of Begaa.

A traditional irrigation system, khettarat, is used in Begaa, which feeds the small oasis. Khatterats are underground water channels dug at a gentle slope and intersected with deep service shafts. Khetterats draw water from an aquifer and can stretch over 20km to carry water to agricultural settlements such as Begaa Village. The use of Khatterata in the community has many benefits, no major capital investment is needed with minimal operational costs, allowing the crops and gardens to be watered and the community to work together sharing the water source

Begaa Village

Begaa villagers like most Berber villages in the Sahara are subsistence farmers grow a variety of crops such as dates, figs, shallots, alfalfa, pomegranate, barley and maize for their goats and sheep

Take a scenic trip up to Afrdou Mountain looking over Begaa Village and search for dinosaur teeth and bones that were discovered as recently as 1985. Archaeologist are working on this site along with the men from Begaa Village where African prehistoric dinosaur finds are still being discovered, 100 million years ago this area was a river which flowed across this part of the Sahara and would of being lush forests, waterways and lakes

If you would like to offer aid or make donations for the sustainability of families and the Begaa Village ask us how you may be able to help.

Begaa tours in Morocco Begaa tours in Morocco