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* 3 Day tour to Merzouga desert and back

* 3 Day tour to Merzouga desert and Fez

* 4 Day tour to Sahara desert

* 5 Day guided tour to Merzouga desert

* 3 Day private tour to Merzouga desert

* 3 Day to Merzouga and Marrakech

* 4 Day private desert tour to Marrakech

* 5 Day Sahara tour to Marrakech

* 5-Day desert tour from Casablanca

* 7 Day culture tour from Casablanca

* 10-Day best of Morocco tour from Casablanca

* 12-Day Imperial Cities and Sahara Desert

* 4 Day tour from Tangier

* 6 Day desert tour around Morocco

* 8 Day guided Morocco tour

* 10 Day Sahara tour from Tangier

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Begaa Tours offers private Merzouga tours from Marrakech, Fez desert tours, Casablanca culture tours and Tangier guided tours to explore Erg Chebbi desert with Berber guides. We are able to customise tours to suit you. Contact us to help you plan your ideal Morocco holiday.

Guided Morocco tours with experienced guides and professional drivers.

Phone contact & WhatsApp : +(212) 666 22 49 24  Email : begaaatours@gmail.com

Desert and culture tours around Morocco with experienced local guides.


If you want to connect with nature, have a unique experience and take home lasting memories join us for a camel trek in the Sahara amongst Erg Chebbi the splendour of the ‘Sea of the Dunes’, leaving all your cares behind, trek where no vehicles can venture, no tourist in sight and embrace the silence. Here in the Sahara desert the camel is the only mode of transport. A camel herder will assist you on your journey through the desert.

You can choose an early morning departure camel trek start the day by watching the pallet of colours dance on the sand dunes and come to life as the sun rises or perhaps an afternoon trek to take in a breathtaking sunset with an unobstructed view of the sun reflecting on the sand dunes. Spend the night in a Nomad Berber tent or star gazing at the campsite, dwarfed by Erg Chebbi (sand dunes), a photographic adventure.

Alternatively, we can arrange a camel trek for more than one day. Starting from either Merzouga or Hassi Labiad. The itineraries allow you to discover Berber villages along the way, interesting fossil sites, visit nomadic campsites, perhaps breaking the journey for lunch with a Nomad family an experience not to be missed observing their “free spirited” lifestyle!

Once at the camp after the unforgettable sunset you will have a delicious Tagine dinner you will be enchanted by the local Berber people performing their animated, rhythmic, songs and traditional live music reflecting their life, then relax under the expanse of the ink black night sky with shimmering stars and the solitude of the desert with its calming silence a lovely tonic in which to sleep.

Camel treks and desert camps are perfect getaways, for those who want to retreat from the noise and chaos of city life. A wonderful way to de-stress!

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